The Christie-Booker Bromance Has Officially Ended

From pulling off a mini-buddy film to joining forces in support of school vouchers, Chris Christie and Cory Booker are yin and yang in the nation’s favorite bipartisan political bromance. Even by running for U.S. Senate in 2014, rather than against Christie for governor this year, it seemed he was avoiding confrontation with his friend. Goodbye to all that, now. Booker’s new BFF is Christie’s challenger Barbara Buono, with whom he spent the day yesterday, yukking it up like old pals.

Bantering about prom dates and Jersey diners, and lobbing a few attacks against Christie, Buono and Booker spent more than an hour on what was billed as a “listening tour” at four Newark businesses….Booker’s support was unequivocal — he even called Buono “governor” a few times, before correcting himself. He cited her “real vision for cities” and insinuated that he may have not had to lay off police officers if Buono was governor.

Booker’s support extends beyond PR, as he vowed to raise money for the Jersey State Senator. Christie, upon hearing the news, said he didn’t care because he was making cool celebrity videos with other celebrities now anyways. [Inquirer]