New York Rampage Shooter Killed by Police

AP: Wednesday, “a 64-year-old loner sauntered into a barbershop in upstate New York, coolly asked if the man cutting hair remembered him and then opened fire with a shotgun, the first shots in a burst of violence that would leave four dead, two critically wounded and people in this small village aching to find out what set the gunman off.”

This morning, around 8 a.m., the shooter, Kurt Myers, was killed in a shoot-off in the basement of the abandoned building in which he was camping out. Myers shot and killed a police dog, at which point an officer returned fire, killing him. Myers had killed two at the barber shop and two more at a car oil-change and car wash station; his motives remain unclear, but was described as an “odd little man” and a “loner” by various residents.