21 Best Philly News Screenshots Ever

Bear attacks! Beaver attacks! Seeing video on the web! These are all things that happened on Philadelphia news.

It was liked 22,000-plus times on Facebook, so by now you may have seen The 38 Best Things That Have Ever Happened on the Local News, Buzzfeed’s list (duh) of great local news screenshots. Ha ha, “Sex for McNuggets.” Funny stuff!

In the grand journalistic tradition of localization, piggybacking and outright theft, I present to you the Best Things That Have Ever Happened on the Philadelphia Local News. I don’t feel too bad about it, since I spent years of research (read: watching TV) to get all these screenshots myself. (The gold standard in this genre remains Mike Sacks’ Photos of TV: “In his youth, Hitler became a moody adolescent.”)

My painstaking research process: Because I am both a pack rat and a literal crazy person, I’ve been saving video of funny things from TV for the past 7-8 years. I use them to make GIFs and screenshots. Yesterday I went through the “Pictures” file on my MacBook Pro and grabbed 20. These are from the last three years (or, in headline parlance, “Ever”).

If it seems like there are a lot from Fox 29, it’s because there are. You decide whether that is good or bad.

As an editor for a huge portal website during the day, I can appreciate a great stock photo choice. I give this one five stars out of five.

Action News has some hilarious graphics, and my favorite might be this one that makes it look like Father Judge was nuked.

I don’t know if this woman gave the pseudonym Jean or Fox 29 forgot to get her name and figured if she was from South Philly, there was a good chance she was named Jean.

Until I found this screenshot, I had no recollection of NBC 10 rating winter storms on a “Trivial-to-Crippling” scale. I do remember the plan to name winter storms early last decade, because I was upset the station didn’t name the ‘E’ storm after then-Sixers guard Eric Snow. (I don’t know if that naming plan stirred up the same opposition the Weather Channel did this winter.)

The Daily News has since returned to The People Paper tagline, incidentally. Here is something I was never able to figure out: Which of these taglines sounds more communist?

Philadelphia expected to burn up. (P.S. We miss you, Kerri-Lee!)

I know this was actually during an episode of Gossip Girl — hey, what’s Little J been up to? — but an arbiter has ruled local news tags during shows count. I hope those poor gingers have recovered.

I think this was a story about the fan who ran on the field and was tased.

There you have it, the best things to ever happen on Philadlelphia’s local news.