Photos: Who Wore it Best at Our LGBTQ Party at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Snaps of some of the best dressed ladies and gentlemen at last night's gay soiree at the Convention Center.

G Philly’s LGBTQ party at the Philadelphia Flower Show was a fab affair. Nearly 300 people came out to mingle, enjoy some bevs and nibbles, and take a twirl around the U.K.-themed Flower Show downstairs. Like I said last night, though, the climax was Martha Graham Cracker. Having just performed for hundreds of parents and children at Christ Church Neighborhood House earlier in the day (see a video of that performance here), she seemed to have an extra dose of sparkle as she sang and flirted with her gays at the Convention Center.

She performed four songs — two Elton John numbers, one by Roberta Flack and she closed with “Rainbow Connection” by “that little green man.” Throughout the performance, the deliciously leggy queen worked entire room — serenading unsuspecting audience members, addressing people in the main exhibit space Evita-style from the balcony where the stage was located, and she did a hilarious bit on the down escalator that ended in a tumble that may or may not have been an accident. Either way, she pulled it off like a charm and gave us one hell of a memorable performance. You can see a video of her grand finale above.

But when Martha wasn’t dazzling on stage, some of our more sartorially minded guests kept our eyes entertained in ensembles that ran the gamut from dapper and whimsical to downright sexy. Since the party doubled as somewhat of a preview for the upcoming release of G Philly‘s Spring Style issue, I decided to focus my lens on the best-dressed in the crowd — those who rocked attire with a little extra zhoosh. See who made the list after the jump. 

Local interior designer Rex Rogosch looking snazzy in a nautical-esque blazer and bow tie.

Loved Prudential Communications Director Josh Stoffregen's up-do and flow-y scarf.

Richard Robyn's hot-pink blazer was enough to earn him a place on our best-dressed list, but the tiny hat just pushed it over the edge.

A closeup of the tiny hat reveals a plumage of feathers and a tiny bird perched on the side. Does the cuteness ever stop?!

What best-dressed is complete without jack-of-all-scarves, and publisher Thom Cardwell.

Katreise Ruffin giving Cardwell a run for his money in her wonderfully over-sized knitted scarf. And look at that smile!

Martha Graham Cracker working her best Queen-Elizabeth chic, and some man in the audience, apparently.

Like nude tones at this year's Oscars, neckwear definitely ruled our Flower Show Party. Here's Philadelphia Gay News columnist Suzi Nash in a pop-y orange scarf. Love the tights, too!

Chatterblast's Evan Urbania looking like a stud in his mismatched plaid button down and striped tie. The tan belt and blue jeans pull it all together like a charm.

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