Switching Back to Kelly Green Eagles Unis Might Not Be So Easy

Rooting for sports is rooting for laundry. Players change, coaches change, owners change, as we keep on rooting for the guys wearing the right jerseys. Yet when the laundry changes, we want to bring it back. There’s a petition right now on Change.org lobbying Jeff Lurie to change the Eagles uniforms back to Kelly Green, as they were before 1996. 9,000 people have signed it, but it won’t be so simple to change them back, and would take at least two years to get a change approved.

The NFL does a lot of homework before giving its stamp of approval. They exchange design ideas with the team; test the uniform on the field, inspecting how it looks from every seat in the stadium (both indoors and out, at night and during the day), and how it looks on camera; they want to see how it would appear in stores, and get player feedback.

And even when it comes to alternate jerseys, there are roadblocks. The Eagles would be forced to submit a request to the NFL, and would probably have to give up the black alts they’ve got now. [Birds 24/7]