Allen Iverson, Bored and Broke, Begging Sixers to Take Him Back

Yesterday, my colleague Joel Mathis reported that Allen Iverson was shopping himself to the NBA, where he hasn’t played since 2010. (But NOT the D-League, OK?) Today, A.I.’s manager Gary Moore was back in Philly, meeting with Sixers owner Josh Harris and CEO Adam Aron about “reconnecting with the Sixers.” Because I can’t imagine anything better for the physical and spiritual rehabilitation of a certain Andrew Bynum, than pairing him with an another pouty loner prima donna. Who happens to be well past his prime and may only be doing this to make back the cash he lost in his recent divorce settlement.

OK, OK, says Moore, throwing up his hands in concession. Even if A.I. doesn’t actually play for the Sixers again, how about bringing him back as “a consultant to them, to help them do certain things.” Like how to order potato skins in Turkish. [AP]