Jason Smith, Suspect in Pediatrician Murder, May Have Sordid Past After All

The more we find out about Jason Smith, the pest-control technician accused of killing pediatrician Melissa Ketunuti in her home last week, the less innocuous his pre-murder life seems to be. Over the weekend, Smith’s former sister-in-law revealed he’d run up hundreds of dollars in phone sex charges on her family line, without ever paying it back. And authorities continue to examine other incidents and possible connections in Smith’s recent history.

He has a driving-under-the-influence arrest from 2004, several minor traffic violations and a charge last March in Bensalem Township for obscene language or gestures.

A court clerk at the Bensalem magisterial district court where that charge was filed said that Smith had received a disorderly conduct citation March 16 for “exposing himself while traveling on the highway during a road-rage incident” on I-95 in Bensalem.

Smith pleaded guilty to the charge, but his penalty was unclear.

Authorities are also looking to see if Smith is connected to three sex assaults in the Pennypack Park area in 2010 and 2011. [Daily News]