11 Weird Things the City Is Spending Its Money On

A few days ago, City Controller candidate Brett Mandel released a very cool infographic/database documenting where every penny of city money was spent in Fiscal Year 2012. So I combed through and found some of the weirdest stuff your taxpayer dollars are funding.

1. The Department of Human Services spent $1,199.40 on French Bread pizza.

2. The Office of Supportive Housing spent $2.99 at a “Movie Rental Hobby Shop.”

3. The Streets Department got a $2,795 Plasma TV.

4. Education and Recreation spent $159 on Soybean Crayons.

5. The Office of Supportive Housing provided “Fruit for Dance Crew Group” for just $60.88.

6. Department of Corrections paid $6,841.64 for pet therapy.

7. The City spent $500 on bedbug management.

8. The city reimbursed Councilman Brian O’Neill $49.98 for a Blackberry Cable + Charger.

9. The Office of Supportive Housing purchased $7,030 of barber services from Arnette’s Hair and Nail Design.

10. The Office of Supportive Housing bought a Hairdresser Shampoo Chair for $138.28.

11. Department of Human Services gobbled $1,146 worth of Ribeye Steaks.