After Arson, Chestnut Hill Quakers Defend Labor Movement

The Chestnut Hill Quakers whose meetinghouse construction site was set ablaze last month revealed that some of the group were actually considering using union labor for the project, and that the decision not to wasn’t made lightly. (READ: Police “Absolutely” Sure Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse Fire Is “Union Issue”)

During internal debates, three members were recorded either as opposed, a strong step, or as “standing aside,” which means they did not agree with the decision [not to use union labor] but did not think they should stand in the way of the project.

The Chestnut Hill Friends also released a full statement documenting how and why the decision to go open-shop took place (it was cheaper) including steadfast assurances that they supported the labor movement.

To be clear, Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting stands in support of the ideals and achievements of the labor movement, which strongly resonate with our long-held beliefs in the equality of all and the right of all workers to a living wage and safe working conditions, and with our testimonies of peace, integrity, and community. [Inquirer]