Michael Jackson’s Shoes (Briefly) Stolen From Hair ‘O The Dog

While 1,800 of you were out enjoying the Hair O’ The Dog Saturday night (Philly’s “adult prom”), one sneaky drunkard was stealing an autographed pair of Michael Jackson’s dancing shoes from the Loews hotel where the gala took place. The owner of the shoes, one Marino Cartier, brought them all they way from Jersey to sell them off at the gala’s auction. Until some guy grabbed them, hopped into a limo, and drove away. The security guards “watching the room where the shoes were” got “distracted by and incident at the other end of the hallway.”

The miscreant, as it turns out, also got distracted (probably by the gaggle of girls in the limo with him), and left the shoes behind. When some good samaritan caught wind of the news on social media (God Bless social media), the shoes found there way back to Mr. Cartier, who with tears in his eyes, kissed the shoes. [Philly.com]