Chuck Norris Endorses Bibi Netanyahu

America’s political system suffers from “permanent campaign syndrome,” which causes candidates to never stop running for office. But right now, in that little window of time between the election and inauguration, most of us have taken a break from electioneering. Which might explain why Tea Party enthusiast Chuck Norris is busy endorsing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ahead of the Jan. 22 election. (Who can use all the help he can get, after allegations surfaced today that he was spending billions preparing for a “fake war.”) Not only is Bibi a friend of right-wingers over here, but apparently Chuck Norris has something of a history with Israel.

Norris’s seminal film The Delta Force…was directed by Israeli Menachem Golan and filmed entirely in Israel. In 1994’s Hellbound, Norris played a detective sent to Israel to investigate a rabbi’s murder. Both films, along with many other Chuck Norris action flicks, were backed by Israeli production company Globus-Golan.

All that’s left is for Norris to try and qualify for a Birthright trip. [Jerusalem Post]