Dr. J Guest Stars on The Office

The Sixer great re-creates his famous layup in the finals on last night's episode. With GIFs!

Philadelphia’s in the media again! Last weekend it was the New York Times‘ 36 Hours travel piece. And, last night on The Office, Jim headed to Philadelphia for a meeting with Julius Erving!

After the season premiere, I figured Jim and Pam would move to Philadelphia by the series end. While I didn’t predict Jim would meet Dr. J, it’s looking more likely that I’m right here, and so I ask: Why watch TV at all when you can just read my sure-to-be-accurate predictions? Here’s what’s going to happen in the next few months: The dudes on The Big Bang Theory will make some nerdy references; Lena Dunham will be awkward; the characters on NCIS, Law & Order: SVU and the CSI shows will solve some cases; The Rock will win the WWE Championship; New Girl will be adorkable; and the Game of Thrones will be won by …  oh, let’s say Hodor.

Ahem. Jim’s now working with a sports management firm in Philly, which was depicted as such in the only exterior shot.

Okay, so it looks like Los Angeles. It’s as unforgivable as going to Philadelphia and meeting Steelers running back Jerome Bettis, which means: Pretty forgivable. (Bettis was on NBC’s Football Night in America, so it was just a cross-promotion.) You might notice in the photo that Jim is talking to a limo driver.

Yes, apparently Dr. J made some good investments with the $3.5 million he got by selling his memorabilia, because he invites Jim to his private court to talk business.

Actually, they don’t talk much business; they just play basketball and get drinks and Dr. J gives Jim some sneakers maybe? It was not like any business meeting I’ve ever had. And it was cute how Jim was starstruck by the good doctor; it makes perfect sense for his age and his Sixers fandom. Good cameo choice, producers!

Also, um, Dr. J recreated his baseline move against the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

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You know that one, right? Here, I’ve made a GIF of his original play:

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That’s pretty much an exact recreation.

The main plot in the episode was better than the Dr. J one; Pam accidentally brought lice into the office and it led to this:

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Yep, that’s Philadelphia’s own Kate Flannery shaving her head. Glad we got a good Meredith plot before the end of the series. And, of course, Dr. J finally made a cameo. I’ve been clamoring for that one.