Your Future Husband is Probably on Grindr Right Now

A study shows that more men are turning to dating apps to find long-term mates.

Looks like it may be a good idea to keep firing up those dating apps — especially if you’re looking for a man to put a ring on it. This week, gay mobile app Stagg released a study that offers a glimpse at how dating-app usage is evolving in the gay community. They questioned 537 gay men and two-thirds said they are turning to their phones not for a one-night stand, but for the possibility that they may find a long-term connection. Here’s a more specific breakdown of some of their other, more-interesting findings:

Unlike online dating platforms like OKCupid, phones allow guys to online-date on the go: “56 percent of respondents say they use dating apps in public.” This isn’t a big surprise, considering bars are crawling with zombie-fied phone peckers, but doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of meeting people? Apparently not. The study shows that apps are giving men more motivation to initiate discussions with those around them:  “78 percent said that apps help them start a conversation that they wouldn’t have otherwise initiated.” Example? “Hey, handsome, I couldn’t help but notice your phone-lit face from across the room. Wanna put that thing away and dance?”

The study doesn’t suggest that these long-term-relationship-seeking men are actually finding someone to settle down with, but I’m curious. Have dating apps helped any of you form a lengthy, committed partnership? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.