Prominent Conservative Columnist Calls for Tom Corbett’s Head

Gov. Tom Corbett’s lawsuit challenging the NCAA’s penalties against Penn State in the Jerry Sandusky case has prompted one reaction he probably didn’t expect: A prominent conservative columnist is calling for Republicans to kick Corbett out of office. Writing in her blog at the Washington Post, Jen Rubin writes that Corbett has “disgraced” himself with the lawsuit. “It is hard to image a more disgusting political maneuver, one which the good people of the commonwealth should denounce by punting him out of office. (Republicans should think ahead and primary him.)” Rubin wrote. “There is no penalty that can repair the damage to so many lives and correct the endemic corruption of a university that allowed a child predator to operate for so long. But to challenge whatever penalty was arrived at is hideous. Corbett’s suit is a disgrace, and politicians of both parties should denounce it.” [Right Turn]