Corbett to Sue NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions

Gov. Corbett will announce today that the state is suing the NCAA for the various sanctions it levied on PSU over the Sandusky scandal, including $60 million in fines. The lawsuit is being filed independently of Penn State, though Penn State, as you can imagine, is pleased. The suit comes in the wake of a recent pledge by Republican State Senator Jake Corman to propose legislation banning the fine money from being spent out of state. And Corbett himself said in July that he wanted “assurance from Penn State that no taxpayer dollars will be used to pay the $60 million fine imposed on the university.” (Probably too late–the school paid its first $12 million in December.) Corbett will announce the suit from the Alumni Fireside Lounge of the Nittany Lion Inn at 11 am. [Centre Daily Times]