Stagg: A New Gay Dating App

Mash up interests and meet in real life

Stagg – it’s the newest gay dating app for men. But wait, you’re thinking: another dating app, right? Stagg tells us this one’s a little different from the Manhunt and Grindr varieties. It was designed, in part, based on a nationwide survey of men seeking men in which Stagg discovered that hookups aside, plenty of guys are looking for more serious relationships.

So rather than the usual shirtless shots (though we’re sure there will be plenty of those, too, as it launches today), Stagg includes a few new features, like scoring compatibility between members (how very eHarmony), a rep system that mashes up members’ interests and personality traits, and a mapping system that shows moment-to-moment updates for meeting guys in person (definitely not good for stalkers).

“Knowing the distance between you and an attractive and available guy is great, but the next big step for apps is harnessing a smartphone’s ability to instantly run thousands of calculations to also reveal the potential for more,” says Dr. Brad Brenner, a psychologist and Stagg’s co-founder. “Friends joked with me that there needed to be an app that finds the sweet spot somewhere in between the delightfully slutty hookup-only apps and the sinfully boring matchmaking-style websites.”

So whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or someone with whom to celebrate golden anniversaries, the app is available for free via iTunes and on Stagg’s website. An Android version is expected to be available soon.