Starbucks Now Selling $450 Stainless Steel Gift Cards

When its ballyhooed seven dollar cup of coffee was unveiled a couple weeks ago, it seemed Starbucks had reached a plateau in the art of ripping people off. Not so. Late last week, it introduced–just in time for the holidays–its first-ever (the first-ever) stainless steel gift card for $450. This isn’t some Visa “Platinum” word game, mind you. The card is made of actual steel alloy. Which explains why, when your lucky relative goes to redeem his or her thoughtful gift, it’ll only be worth $400; seems you pay for the parts too. Between the seven dollar “Geisha Cup,” the titillating naked Mermaid logo, and now, the steel, it remains to be seen if Starbucks tries to tie its next promotion to Anastasia Steele, and the Fifty Shades of Grey crew. [Time]