VIDEO: Revolution Fall Finale Brings Battle of Good and Evil to Philadelphia Tonight

If you’ve been watching NBC’s so-bad-it’s-kinda-good-but-mostly-it’s-bad show Revolution, you know that the action is increasingly centered in a post-apocalyptic Philadelphia, where tonight’s “fall finale” will bring about the much-hoped-for battle between Good and Evil. The show takes place 15 years after electricity stopped working across the planet, ending civilization as we know it. Philadelphia is the capital of the “Monroe Republic,” which is led by the evil Sebastian Monroe, who doesn’t have a twirly evil mustache, but really should. He makes his headquarters at Independence Hall, and generally gives orders to torture and murder people. Tonight, he’ll face off against his former henchman-turned-reluctant-rebel leader Han Solo Miles Matheson, who spent last week’s episode leading his ragtag team into the city—past the 30-foot-walls that surround Future Philadelphia, lined with machine guns—via the deadly and fear-inspiring Broad Street line apparently. (Some things don’t change, even in the apocalypse.) Presumably, Matheson and Monroe will have a sword fight that will end inconclusively—there’s a second half to the season, after all—but hopefully it will feature other Philadelphia landmarks. Maybe they could have a running battle through the Italian Market that comes to its conclusion on the steps of the Art Museum? Or has that been done before? [Cinema Blend]