Free Twinkies at Sixers Games?

Hey, it could happen if Sixers co-owner Marc Leder gets a shot at buying Hostess. Plus: Jersey towns want the 911 law that saved Bon Jovi's daughter, the SRC ticks off charter schools, and more of what Philly is yowling about this morning.

Hostess and Bakers Union Ordered to Take a 24-Hour Twinkie Break. A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge yesterday scolded the foodstuff feuders for skipping a major step in the negotiation process. If they can’t come to an agreement during private mediation sessions throughout today, the company’s liquidation hearing will resume tomorrow morning. [6ABC]

And If Mediation Doesn’t Work, Romney-Supporting 76ers Owner Is Ready to Pig Out. Marc Leder, the co-owner of the Sixers who hosted Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” debacle, told Fortune yesterday that his firm, Sun Capital Partners, is willing to put a “labor-friendly deal” on the table if Hostess goes south. [Inquirer]

If You’re Near Doylestown, You Might Want to Hold Your Breath. A three-alarm fire has been burning since 5:30 this morning at Arbonite, a chemical manufacturer next to the Doylestown airport. [CBS Philly]

New Jersey Towns Want the Law That Saved Bon Jovi’s Daughter. Municipalities around the Garden State are urging the legislature to override Gov. Chris Christie’s October  veto of a Good Samaritan 911 bill promising immunity to drug users who report an overdose — similar to the New York law that almost certainly saved Stephanie Bongiovi from death last week. [NewsWorks]

Charters Chafe at SRC Enrollment Limits. A group representing Pennsylvania charter schools is mighty mad at the School Reform Commission’s vote last week to suspend part of the state’s school code that allows charter schools to add seats without commission approval. [Inquirer]

Darth Mufasa Receives Marian Anderson Award. If you happened to be outside the Kimmel last night, what you thought was the rumble of the Broad Street Line was actually actor James Earl Jones thanking the city for his latest plaudit. [6ABC]