Pitching in Post-Sandy

What you can do to help those hit hardest

The West Side and Hudson River merge (photo by Matthew Izzo)

While many Center City dwellers were met with little more than high winds last night as Sandy made its way onto land (reports from South Philly were more serious), still many others from New York City to Rehoboth, Del., are still struggling with the aftermath of this tropical storm (nee hurricane).

Atlantic City lost much of its famed 1920s-era boardwalk, Cape May was severely flooded, Lower Manhattan looked more like the East River last night and the water is still churning at many coastal points. So even if you still have your power and are living high and dry, there are many others who will need your help for many weeks to come.

Here are some ways you can do some good starting today:

1. Check on your elderly neighbors. Even though Philly may have been spared much of the wrath of Sandy, older people are more at risk for health problems, especially after impending stresses like Sandy. Make sure they have enough food until they feel comfortable leaving the house (it’s chilly out there today).

2. Reach out to friends in New York and at shore points. Find out if they need a temporary place to stay or if you can provide any material goods to help them get through the cleanup.

3. Even if you don’t have close friends in these regions, contact local organizations to find out if you can pitch in or make donations. Here’s a list of LGBT-friendly organizations that will help you get resources to those who need it the most:

In Delaware:

Delaware Pride

Camp Rehoboth

In New Jersey:

Greater Atlantic City LGBT Alliance

Garden State Equality

Jersey Pride

Pride Center of New Jersey

In New York:

The LGBT Community Center

New York City Pride

Ali Forney Center

In Pennsylvania:

The William Way LGBT Community Center

New Hope Celebrates

Equality Pennsylvania

Please also consider making donations to the American Red Cross.