Hurricane Sandy Has Made the Turn

Plus: That's all. That's all Philly is talking about this morning.

“This is exactly what forecasters said would happen.” —Heard during a Hurricane Sandy report on NPR at 8:20 this morning, Monday, October 29, 2012. They were right. Someone needed to mark the date and time.

6 ABC’s storm tracker map. radar map for Philadelphia region.

Assume You’re Not Going Anywhere Today. Monday fliers were already receiving notice on Saturday about the massive amount of East Coast flights canceled today due to Hurricane Sandy. Banks, universities, malls, PHL and more have closed for Monday. NBC 10 has a list of closings by state, for Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. SEPTA is not running, and most agencies seem to be waiting to assess the damage from today’s direct hit to decide about a reopening schedule for tomorrow.

Bars, Restaurants Open. Foobooz is keeping a running list of places where you can go eat and drink out Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor Nutter Is on This. Chris Christie Seizes Another Opportunity to Tell People Not to Be Stupid. The mayor gave multiple weekend press conferences, participated in a conference call with Barack Obama, and, we suspect, probably hasn’t slept more than an hour. The mayor ran down the details of what to be prepared for (flooding, possible loss of electricity and water service) and who to call (311 for things like clogged drains, 911 only for true emergencies). [, Inquirer] The NJ Governor ordered an evacuation of Atlantic City casinos and warned that the category one hurricane was likely to make first landfall on the Jersey coastline. [CBS 3]

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have suspended their paywalls, allowing all readers unlimited access to their storm coverage.