Celeb Scoop: Bradley Cooper to Star in New Emma Stone Movie?

Plus: Katy Perry endorses Obama with a dress, the return of Bon Jovi, a black James Bond, and more of toay's celebrity news.

Bradley Cooper in New Emma Stone Movie? The Jenkintown native is reportedly at the top of director Cameron Crowe’s shortlist to play the male lead in an upcoming film starring Emma Stone. Fingers crossed. [Deadline]

Courtney Love Talking Nirvana Musical. Because she’s hellbent on destroying everything you love about that band. Kurt Cobain definitely seemed like the type that would jump at the chance to make a buck off a stage production based on his band. [Vulture]

Bon Jovi Is Back. The band will return to our lives in 2013 with a new album and world tour. So, get ready for that. [HitFix]

Midnight Movies Move to 10 p.m. In the wake of the Aurora shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, movie industry folks are looking to revitalize midnight premieres by moving them up to 10 p.m. [Hollywood Reporter]

A Black 007? Idris Elba—commonly known as Stringer Bell from The Wire—is reportedly in talks to become the first black James Bond. We could not endorse this move any more than we are right now. How is it 2012 and no one has asked Elba about this before? [Cinema Blend]

Katy Perry’s Ballot Dress. She recently rocked a vote-themed dress throwing her support behind President Barack Obama. It’s a white dress that looks like an Obama voter’s ballot. [TMZ]