Jersey Woman Gets Scammed Using Cheerleaders’ Money

In 2012, how is it possible that people are falling for this? An Audobon woman who served as the treasurer for the Oaklyn Cats Cheerleading Club in South Jersey has been arrested for allegedly swiping $9,400 from the club’s account by forging signatures on six checks. The 50-year-old woman used the money to help a “Pennsylvania man” that she “met” on an online dating site because he was “working on a construction project in Africa” and “wasn’t able to access his bank accounts.” Some 16-year-old kid in Middle America is probably really stoked that she just bought him 37 Xboxes. The woman also reportedly checked to see if her refrigerator was running, tried to relay a message to Seymour Butts, and WON A FREE iPad!!!!!! [Inquirer]