Look Out for That “Undeclared Coconut” in Your Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Turkey Hill has announced a voluntary recall of 1,200 packages of its 48 oz. Mint Chocolate Chip All Natural Ice Cream because of “undeclared coconut” in the product. On September 28th—a date that will from hence forth be referred to as The Terrible Undeclared Coconut Fiasco of 2012—during the final 32 minutes of production, batches of Mint Chocolate Chip were contaminated with coconut. As a result, there are apparently 1,200 potentially deadly packages of delicious ice cream lurking on store shelves and in freezers or IN YOUR STOMACH!

Seriously, though, watch out if you’ve got a coconut allergy. You can take the ice cream back to where you got it or just toss it. Turkey Hill hasn’t received any reports of illness or allergic reactions pertaining to the “undeclared coconut.”