Phils Fans Hate Jayson Werth Even More Than Usual

Plus: NFL refs head back to work, PA pardons board considers clemency for Williams, a rape on the Parkway, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Ugh. Jayson Werth. Right before delivering a big at-bat for the Nats in the ninth inning of their victory over the Phils on Wednesday, Jayson Werth faked out a group of Phils fans sitting behind the Nats dugout when he acted like he was going to toss them a ball, but then rolled the ball into the dugout instead. Werth says that he had given a fan a ball earlier in the game, but another fan reached over and threw it back onto the field. [Washington Post]

Pardons Board to Consider Clemency for Williams. Lawyers representing Terrance Williams will again plead for their client’s life on Thursday, as the Pennsylvania pardons board considers granting clemency for Williams, who is scheduled for execution on October 3rd. [Inquirer]

Refs Back to Work. The NFL and the NFLRA worked out a deal overnight and the officials will begin their season tonight with the Baltimore/Cleveland game. John Clayton breaks down what you need to know about the new deal. [ESPN]

Rape on the Parkway. A homeless man was arrested for allegedly raping an unconscious woman on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Witnesses reportedly saw the attack take place. [NBC Philadelphia]

Authorities Arrest Man for Facebook Threats. A 20-year-old South Jersey man has been arrested for allegedly sending vague threats to women on Facebook. New Jersey State Police Digital Technology Investigations Unit says that the man faces charges from more than two dozen law enforcement agencies. [NBC Philadelphia]

No Right on Red in Jersey? A Jersey lawmaker wants to make taking a right turn at a red light a violation at intersections with cameras in Jersey. Currently, red light cameras generate a large percentage of their profit by catching people not stopping long enough before making a right on red. [Newsworks]

Everyone’s Dogs Have Halloween Costumes. Apparently dog costumes are gaining some traction as retail experts predict record sales figures for pet costumes this season. [CBS 3]

Jersey Woman Faked Cancer for Profit. A 40-year-old woman from Jersey faces charges of theft by deception for allegedly telling people that she had Stage IV bladder cancer so that she could collect more than $12,000 in funds for her “treatment.” [6 ABC]