Weirdest Partnership Ever? Not Really.

Lady Gaga teams with Office Depot

Courtesy of Office Depot

Because when you think of Office Depot, you think of a meat dress, right? Office Depot announced it will donate a cool million to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. It’s actually pretty great considering that the foundation encourages young people to be themselves and discourages bullying. Seeing as how all the little monsters are running to the Depot to get their school supplies this season, the chain wants to send a message about tolerance.

Gaga has also helped create limited-edition gear like Post-Its, friendship bracelets and Sharpies. And 25 percent of sales of these items will also go to the foundation.

“Office Depot is a place that brings together students as well as their families and teachers, who play such an important role in inspiring and supporting today’s youth,” says Cynthia Germanotta, president and co-founder of the Born This Way Foundation. “We will empower millions of young people this back-to-school season, letting them know that it’s okay to be yourself.”

A few right wing organizations have already voiced disdain over the partnership, saying that Gaga encourages kids to be gay. With that sort of thinking, makes you want to run out and buy a Gaga-approved Sharpie, doesn’t it?