Two Philly Artists Deemed “Most Iconic” of Last Five Years

Blouin Media’s Artinfo has released a list of the 25 most iconic artworks of the past five years. The list includes two artists, Hennessy Youngman and Ryan Trecartin, with strong Philly ties. Youngman—known for his satirical hip-hop videos—came it at No. 11.

Philadelphia artist Jayson Musson vaulted himself to real star status with his low-fi satirical series of videos made in the persona of hip-hop aesthete “Hennessy Youngman” — though beneath the laughs it is Musson’s aura of outsider bitterness that gives his witty commentaries their staying power.

Ryan Trecartin—who has lived and worked in Philly and had his work featured at the Institute of Contemporary Art—came in at No. 24.

Few artists of recent memory have so clearly tapped into the zeitgeist as Ryan Trecartin, and the feature-length “I-Be Area” was the work that first brought his hyperactive, mind-bending style of video art to wide attention.