Don’t Look Now, But the Phils Are Four Games Back From a Playoff Spot

Plus: Vest saves cop from friendly fire, the iPhone 5 is coming, four acres of woods bulldozed in the Northeast, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Phils Narrow Gap. Cardinals? Lost. Pirates? Lost. Dodgers? Lost. Braves? Lost. Phils? Scored nine runs to top the Marlins and win their sixth straight game. They’re four games back of the wild card spot with 20 games to play. [Phillies]

iPhone 5 Announcement Looming. Everyone ready to spend the day constantly Googling “iPhone 5 announcement?” Apple is set to reveal the details about the latest version of the popular mobile device at an event in San Francisco. [Fox News]

Vest Saves Cop From Friendly Fire. A Philly SWAT officer fired at a suspect with a Binelli shotgun. The suspect was hit, wounded, and is listed in critical condition. The officer’s partner was also struck by the shot, but, luckily, his bulletproof vest saved him. [Daily News]

Philly to Help Residents With Voter ID. Mayor Nutter has announced that the City of Philadelphia intends to help residents get to PennDOT licensing centers to obtain the proper identification needed to vote in the upcoming November election. [Inquirer]

Jeans Stolen in Manayunk. Someone really wanted a new pair of jeans on Wednesday. Police say that someone threw a brick through the window of Tag in Manayunk and stole a bunch of expensive jeans. [NBC Philadelphia]

Where Did All The Forrest Go? Some residents in the Northeast are upset after they woke up and realized that five acres of woods had been bulldozed. They say no one notified them the woods would be demolished to make room for a tour bus parking lot. [Daily News]