George Washington’s Three-Year Term Is Finally Up

So, you all know that George Washington led troops across the Delaware River on Christmas Day, 1776 to capture 1,000 Hessians in a surprise attack in Trenton, New Jersey. You might not know that every year a bunch of volunteers get together to re-enact that historic event. You almost certainly don’t know that the guy who portrays George Washington is selected by a panel after tryouts and that he’s elected for a three-year term. On Thursday, John Godzieba of the Bristol Township Police Department will have to audition and compete with 10 other aspiring George Washingtons in order to retain his role. The fact that these tryouts aren’t televised is mind boggling. It would be must-see TV. You could have ’em race to chop down cherry trees hook them all up to polygraph machines to see who can score the best while pretending to be George Washington. Or just make it easy on everyone and have a Royal Rumble. [Inquirer]