Celeb Scoop: Bradley Cooper’s Movie Tanks

Plus: Kanye watched Kim's sex tape before sleeping with other women, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married, Will Smith at the Toronto Film Festival, and more of today's celebrity news.

Bradley Cooper’s Movie Tanked. Like, really tanked. No one went to the movies this weekend. The last time fewer people went to the movies on a weekend was two weeks after September 11th. The Words finished the weekend in third after grossing just $5 million. [EW]

Will Smith in Toronto. Philly’s megastar was at the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of a documentary he produced. The family was there too for some red carpet Kodak moments. Definitely fridge-worthy. [Daily Mail]

Kanye Watched Kim’s Sex Tape. The crazy half of the Watch the Throne duo used to watch his current girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, have sex with musician(?) Ray J while he had sex with other women. Between this and “Bad Bitch” it’s simply irresponsible to suggest that what Kim and Kanye have is anything but true love at its purest. [TMZ]

Reynolds and Lively Got Hitched. Van Wilder married the hot girl from Accepted to form the ultimate college movie power couple. [People]

SNL Adds Three Noobs. Three fresh faces will join the cast of Saturday Night Live for its upcoming 38th season. All three members are associated with Chicago’s Second City because it’s basically SNL‘s Triple-A affiliate. [The Wrap]

Gosling, Cooper Flick Set for ’13 Release. The Place Beyond the Pines—a multigenerational drama that focuses on the insidious nature of family and violence—has been sold to Focus Features and will be released in 2013. It also stars Eva Mendes, so it’s pretty much the dreamiest cast to ever make a movie together. [Metro]

Leno Took a 50-Percent Pay Cut. To help downsize his show’s budget, Jay Leno recently took a 50-percent pay cut. Now he’s only making $15 million a year (!!!). Also, he re-upped his contract, so he’s on the books until 2014. Expect NBC to try to unload him to a playoff contender just before the deadline next year. They could use the bullpen help and need to shave some cap while bolstering their farm system. [Wall Street Journal]