Celeb Scoop: Lower Merion Grad Who Directed Episodes of The Newsroom Surprised By Negative Reviews

Plus: Elton John calls Madonna a "fairground stripper," Natalie Portman got married, another Amanda Bynes hit-and-run, and more of today's celebrity news.

The Newsroom Producer Is a Local Product. A producer of The Newsroom who directed two of the episodes in the show’s first season is a Lower Merion grad who was taken aback by the backlash the show initially received. [Daily News]

Dark Knight Wins the Weekend. The Dark Knight Rises beat the Total Recall remake to win the weekend for the third consecutive week. [The Wrap]

Amanda Bynes Hit-and-Run. The actress has been accused of her fourth hit-and-run in as many months. How has she not just hired herself a driver, at this point? [TMZ]

Comedian Dresses Up Like Joe Paterno. Jeffrey Ross dressed up like Joe Paterno for the Roast of Roseanne over the weekend.

Natalie Portman: Married. The Black Swan actress went ahead and married her baby-daddy, choreographer Benjamin Millepid, over the weekend. Sorry, guys. [People]

Elton John Insults Madonna. Among other things, Sir Elton John called Madonna a “fairground stripper” [ABC News]

Obama’s Celebrity Fundraiser. Harvey Weinstein. Catwoman. Aaron Sorkin. They’re hoping that President Barack Obama can retain his spot in the Oval Office, so they’ve decided to throw him a little party. [Deadline]