Celeb Scoop: Dane Cook Is Already Cracking Jokes About the Dark Knight Massacre

Plus: Miley Cyrus is everywhere, Bill Cosby is hilarious, punk rock is dead, and more of today's celebrity news.

Dane Cook’s Dark Knight Massacre Joke. Congratulations to Dane Cook for winning first place in the race to make jokes about the Dark Knight massacre. [Daily Caller]

Miley Cyrus Is Everywhere. She’s getting her tan on, posing for pictures, shopping, eating lunch, and getting carded. Oh, and Paranoia is shooting, too, we guess. [PhillyChitChat]

Bill Cosby Kills It on Fallon. Bill Cosby was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday. Hilarity ensued. If you haven’t caught the clips, watch them here.

Billie Joe Armstrong Joins The Voice. Green Day’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong has signed on to be a mentor on NBC’s The Voice. In other news, punk rock is dead. [The Wrap]

Kevin Bacon’s Dog Swims. Kevin Bacon’s having a better summer than you. Watch him spend an afternoon swimming with his dog while you were working or sitting in traffic.

Madonna Booed in Paris. Madonna was booed in Paris as crowds demanded refunds after about 45 minutes of the singer’s performance. Somehow, the booing will be blamed on Philly within the next 48 hours. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Gaga and LiLo: BFFs? Pics have popped up from an evening Lady Gaga spent with everyone’s favorite disaster Lindsey Lohan. [E!]