VIDEO: Warren and Annette’s Trans Son

The 20-year-old gets personal with a video for WeHappyTrans

Stephen is a 20-year-old trans man. But what makes his story so unique perhaps has less to do with his gender identity and more to do with his very famous parents – Warren Beatty and Annette Bening.

In a new homemade video for WeHappyTrans, an online project seeking to shed light on the real lives of transgender men and women, Stephen talks about everything from his style icons (Truman Capote) to trans heroes (Kate Bornstein) and why he really, really loves “nelly scarves.”

Check it out:

WeHappyTrans would like to hear from other trans folks around the country. Here are the seven questions to consider for your own video:

1. What’s your name? Chosen or otherwise.

2. Who has been most supportive of your transition? If you haven’t started transition, who’s been most supportive of your gender expression, questioning or explorations?

3. What do most enjoy about your life since beginning transition? That is, what are some of the things you love doing now, that you couldn’t do before? And if you’re not there yet, what about the possibility of transition excites you the most? What do you look forward to?

4. Who are your trans role models? Or who have you looked up to in the trans community? Who inspires you? Whether it’s someone you know, or someone you’ve admired from afar, this is your chance to give a shout out.

5. What change(s) would you most like to see in the world? This can be trans related, or not, but we’d love to know where your passion lies.

6. What are you doing to make those changes happen? That’s right all, no getting off the hook! We’re all in this big ol’ mess together, and we each need to do our part. Share with us how you’re the change you want to see.

7. Tell us something, anything, special and unique about you, your interests, your story.