VIDEO: Eagles Cheerleaders in Bikinis at the Beach

The Eagles are committed to furthering the team’s positive impact on the environment. Now, if only the organization only had a way to get people to care about the conservation of water… Hey! What about cheerleaders in bikinis?! Have they thought about cheerleaders in bikinis? Well, of course they’ve thought about cheerleaders in bikinis. But, have they thought about using images and video of cheerleaders in bikinis to get people to at least pretend they care about preserving clean water? Apparently they have, because the team released a video of cheerleaders in bikinis to promote this year’s calendar, which features photographs of cheerleaders in bikinis. A portion of the proceeds from the calendar featuring cheerleaders in bikinis will benefit the Clean Water Fund. So, basically, by looking at cheerleaders in bikinis, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Just be careful because, if you reduce your carbon footprint too much you may go blind. [The 700 Level]