International AIDS Conference or Bust

What are you doing on July 24th?

More than 500 people from Philadelphia will be traveling by bus to Washington, D.C., this month. On July 24th, they’re making the almost 200 mile trip to march in the “We Can End AIDS” mobilization. There’s a reason so many Philadelphians are attending the event. Sadly, our HIV/AIDS rate is one-and-a-half times higher than New York City’s and is well above the national average.

“The march is dedicated to fight for AIDS treatments for all, sound public policies that curb the spread of HIV/AIDS,” says Sunny Bjerk, a spokesperson for the event, “such as federally funded-syringe exchange programs, confront HIV criminalization and anti-LGBT violence and discrimination.”

The event coincides with the International AIDS Conference that is taking place in D.C. (July 22 – July 29).

Interested in making the trip? Click here for details.