Police Inspector Investigated Over Possible Coverup of Scuffle, Taser Incident

Rodney Handy—the 22-year-old grandson of a retired Philadelphia Police captain—was allegedly backing his car into his driveway on March 19th as two Philadelphia Police officers were investigating reports of a gunshot nearby. When they asked the young man to step out of his vehicle, he refused and they went in after him. The officers eventually used their Tasers to subdue the man—one of the officers injured his back in the process. Inspector Aaron Horne—commander of Northwest Detectives—is being investigated for supposedly trying to make the incident disappear at the behest of the young man’s grandfather.

The tangle with police officers, the deployment of a Taser and the hospital run all require paperwork, under Police Department policies. Besides allegedly directing the officers to stop and destroy that paperwork, police sources say, Horne also ordered 35th District Capt. John McCloskey to change the information regarding Handy’s arrest in the Police Department’s computer system to reflect that he hadn’t been arrested. A search of online court records shows Handy has no criminal record. [Daily News]