Tailgating, Cell Reception Will Improve at Eagles Games This Year

Big changes are coming to the Linc sooner than you think.

The Eagles have spent the offseason trying to appease their players and fan base. Next up, the gods. With all the talk of the future plans to refurbish Lincoln Financial Field, little attention has been paid to the immediate changes about to take place in and around the stadium.

The team expects to break ground as early as this week on a massive renewable energy initiative that will noticeably alter the look of the Linc as it approaches its 10-year anniversary. Fourteen wind turbines will be erected at the top of the structure on the north and south sides, and some 11,000 solar panels will be papered to the walls.

Your tailgating experience will be tweaked as well. Solar canopies will now hover over a chunk of parking lot space (namely the K lot). The idea is that they will be tall enough so you can still throw a football without taking out a panel, and big enough so you can duck under if it’s raining (beer or otherwise.)

The anticipation is that enough energy will be honed to more than cover the amount spent during game days. The Eagles expect the project to be wrapped by December.

Also of note: You ma-pshhh ave pshhh oticed a pshhh ecep pshhh lem a pshhh Linc dur pshhh ames.

Sorry, let me walk over here.

I said, you might have noticed a reception problem at the Linc during Eagles games. Reporters and fans alike have grunted in frustration over dropped calls and frozen Twitter feeds (especially AT&T users, but what else is new?). The Eagles believe there will be “measurable improvement” thanks to a brand-new antennae system. That’s actually a pretty big deal. The NFL knows how much fantasy feeds their beast, and that fans may choose the sectional over a cold slab of plastic if they can’t be plugged into the rest of the league’s happenings.

The Eagles were working on making tablets available in-stadium for this reason, but because of the way technology is trending, the team is now just concentrating on beefing up their app. You should now be able to access it, headache free.

As far as the up-to-$100 million renovation to come, the specifics need to be ironed out. According to the Sports Business Journal’s report, there are tentative plans to add new field-level clubs and a free-standing brewpub to go along with video board replacements and some other touch-ups. All of this is still in the early planning stages, however.

For now, the energy is focused on the energy.