Celeb Scoop: Colin Farrell in Philly

Plus: The Situation heads to rehab, Alec Baldwin rallies his tweeps, and more of today's celebrity news.

Colin Farrell’s in Town. He’s here for pre-production on Dead Man Down with Noomi Rapace.


The Situation Heads to Rehab. This seems counter-intuitive. Some people go to rehab when their drinking negatively affects their professional lives. The Sitch heading to rehab might have the reverse effect. [TMZ]

Alec Baldwin Rallies the Tweeps. The 30 Rock star and Words with Friends advocate asked his followers on Twitter to help him deal with a guy who had been harassing his girlfriend. [E!]

The Michael Bay and Ninja Turtles Things. Michael Bay wants to butcher revamp the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and that has some people all fired up. Leonardo and April have his back, but a former Michelangelo is not kowabunga-ing about the idea. [Hollywood Reporter]

Katy Perry Tells Woman Not to Marry. Everyone’s favorite California gurl was in London when she bumped into a bachelorette party. She told the woman not to take the plunge, but later wished her luck. [NY Daily News]

Reese Witherspoon Is Preggers. She’s supposedly not going to announce that she’s with child, but a friend let it slip to the press that Witherspoon is expecting. [US Weekly]