The Lady Fan’s Guide to Freddy Galvis (a.k.a. the New Chase Utley)

Oh, gals, those dimples.

Earlier today, Mike Bertha wrote about why Freddy Galvis is a suitable replacement for injured Phil Chase Utley, using phrases like “his fielding is solid,” and “he won the 2011 Paul Owens Award.” Yes, sounds good. But for the female fan who’s hanging at Citizens Bank Park only to catch a glimpse of Chase Utley’s butt (see the “Who Is the Backup Pitcher” Girl here), and, let’s face it, the woman who loves both baseball and Chase Utley’s butt, we present the lowdown on Freddy Galvis’s cuteness factor.

1. Endearing childhood story.
Galvis was only four when he started playing baseball on the streets of Venezuela. With rocks for bases. Perfect sweet-and-tough combo.

2. Unbearably cute dimples. Check them out right around 2:10 in this video:

3. Based on this clip, we’re going to assume he’s a great dancer.

4. He said this: “I worked hard on my body, too, and now it’s paying off.”

5. He’s a good sport. Start watching at 3:50.

6. He’s humble. When told Ruben Amaro had said he was the best player at [Spring Training] so far, he said: “I just try to play hard …  I just want to have fun, you know, and play for the team. That’s what I do, play for the team and work hard every day.”

7. His manager at Reading said Galvis “has great hands.”

8. He may be something of a poet. Galvis recently tweeted: “Con humo por los aires y a nivel de los cometas … volando por los cielos pero pisando en planeta … ,” which is something about the sky and comets and planets. Swoon.