Why Are We Talking About Tim Tebow and the Eagles?

It's not going to happen.

“Is Tim Tebow now an option for the Eagles?”

Here’s how Fox 29 rationalized it: The Broncos have met with Peyton Manning as he tries to decide who he’ll play quarterback for next season. Denver seems like a reasonable enough destination. Manning is familiar with John Elway and head coach John Fox and the organization should be looking for an out of the Tim Tebow situation. What better way to get the team past the PR nightmare that will come with sitting, trading or otherwise ridding themselves of the Great Savior himself than to bring in, arguably, the best quarterback ever?

So the correct answer to the question of Tim Tebow coming to the Eagles is, “You’ve got to be f#$%ing kidding me.”

If Vick is gone after the 2012 season and the Eagles need a quarterback, Tebow would be an option if he isn’t traded this season,” Fox 29 wrote. “The Eagles reportedly liked Tebow as a prospect when he entered the pro draft, just not as a first-round pick.”

Why does this type of speculation exist? I get that Tim Tebow is a polarizing figure in professional sports. People love him. People love to hate him. But why is the possibility of a free agent signing in Denver cause to discuss anything remotely related to the Eagles? The last time the Eagles started a quarterback they traded for was Ron Jaworski. This team has so many other things to focus on, it’s ridiculous that someone even posed the question about Tebow—especially considering how many other variables will factor into what happens with the Eagles and Tebow and the Broncos before anything would ever happen. And Fox 29 realized that, too.

“The X Factor would be the presence of Andy Reid in Philadelphia beyond this season. If Reid remains, Vick goes and the Eagles don’t draft a quarterback this April, expect some talk to pick up,” Fox 29 continued.

Expect talk to pick up?! You know how many things would have to fall into place before this even entered the realm of possibility? What if the crazy people are right and the world ends on December 21st 2012? What if the rise of the machines happens before then and by the start of 2013 every NFL team has a cyborg behind center? What if Peyton Manning signs with Arizona or Miami? The fact that someone posed this question is absolutely insane.

Eagles fans have so much to worry about before Tim Tebow’s name should even enter their brains. What linebackers will the Eagles get? Will the team go after safety LaRon Landry? How will playing against RG3 change the shape of the division? Will DeSean Jackson continue to be a jackass? How many replay challenges can Andy Reid botch before he gets canned?

Fox 29’s  fabrication of this “story” contributes to the sensationalistic approach sports media has taken recently. It’s the reason I can’t watch SportsCenter any more. Most importantly, it’s the reason a lot of people hate Tim Tebow and that hardly seems like a valid justification for disliking someone.

Thanks to Fox 29, I’m all set for Tebow Watch 2013. But that doesn’t mean it should happen.