Celeb Scoop: The Internet Hates The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik

Plus: The Hunger Games premiere, M. Night hosts a GPFO fundraiser, Ryan Gosling as Walt Disney, and more of today's celebrity news.

The Bachelor Done Screwed Up. Ben was all like, “You are my forever.” Courtney was all like, “I will love you forever, Ben.” And the Internet was all like, “Why are you proposing to a catty, vindictive temptress who manufactures every feeling and terrorized the other contestants (and America) for the entire duration of this show when you could have been with Lindzi?!” [People]

Let The Hunger Games Begin. It’s finally here. Yesterday, Jennifer Lawrence and company were in L.A. for the international premiere of The Hunger Games. They looked stunning. Nine days. [EW]

M. Night’s Gala. M. Night Shyamalan hosted Governor Tom Corbett, Will Smith and other After Earth cast members, and other stars at his home for a Greater Philadelphia Film Office fundraiser on Saturday. The party was dull and slow until everyone figured out that THE EMCEE HAD BEEN DEAD THE WHOLE TIME. [PhillyChitChat]

American Idol Contestant Made Up Sob Story. South Jersey’s Jermaine Jones is said to have duped producers of American Idol with tall tale about his father abandoning his family. [TMZ]

Maria Bello Will Be in Merion. Norristown’s own Maria Bello will be in Merion on March 26th to host a charitable fundraiser for her organization We Advance. It’ll be held at home of BeBlushing.com founder Gail Slogoff. [Philly Gossip]

Ryan Gosling Is Walt Disney? Hey girl, want to see Ryan Gosling as Walt Disney? Yeah, so does the rest of the Internet after a fan made a fake movie poster for an imagined biopic starring Gosling and directed by Ron Howard. [E!]

Dog From The Artist Attending Correspondent’s Dinner. Yeah, so a dog from a silent movie is going to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. While he’s mingling with Hollywood and Washington elite, I’ll be re-watching Arrested Development episodes or something equally as embarrassing. [NY Post]