Remembering Whitney

We lost a legend

The news this weekend that Whitney Houston was found dead may not have surprised her fans that have followed the sometimes tumultuous recent years when the singer struggled with addiction and the pitfalls of the public spotlight, but it certainly was a terrible blow to the music industry and the singer’s family. As we all know, Houston was an amazing talent that had captivated us ever since her first album came out in the 1980s. Who didn’t want to dance with somebody or figure out where broken hearts go when she belted out those notes that always gave us goosebumps?

Rumors will swirl and theories will abound in the coming weeks, as happens with any celebrity death at such a young age, but we’d like to remember the superstar for her best years, and the music that shaped it. How many of us have danced at the clubs to the remix of this favorite over the years?

Check it out:

And here’s the diva with another of our favorites – George Michael – singing their one and only duet: