Arlene Ackerman Denies Steering $7.5 Million Contract

Plus: A local couple survived the Italian cruise ship disaster, Burger King will bring Whoppers to your couch, if you wear headphones while you walk you're probably going to die, and more of what the city is talking about today.

We’re Still Talking About Arlene Ackerman. It’s been nearly half a year since Ackerman was chased from the Philadelphia School District. And by “chased from” we mean “paid handsomely to end her tenure.” But, we’re still talking about her because it’s now been reported that the Queen allegedly steered a $7.5 million contract to a Mount Airy company. [Inquirer]

Local Couple Survives Capsizing of Italian Cruise Liner. Robert and Megan Mauri of Lancaster were aboard the Italian cruise ship that struck a rock and sank. They arrived home safely yesterday. [NBC Philadelphia]

Burger King Delivery? Seriously, BK, how desperate can you get? This is exactly what America needs. It’s perfect for people who want to eat unhealthy food but don’t want to get off of their couches to go get it. [6 ABC]

Do You Wear Headphones While You Walk? Then you’re probably going to die. Or something like that. [CBS 3]

You Will Know Absolutely Nothing Tomorrow. Brace yourselves. Wikipedia will be participating in a “blackout” to raise awareness of the SOPA issue. But, how will we find out how many times Milli Vanilli cracked the Top 40 or how long Blossom was on TV? []

People Still Aren’t Going to Sixers Games. The team is 6-0 at home. They’ve won 10 of their first 13 games. The TV ratings are higher than they’ve been in years. Hot dogs are only $1. Tickets are only $15. But, the Wells Fargo Center is still empty. [The 700 Level]