Lesbians are Moms, Too

A new study shows that children raised by two moms are no different than ones raised in heterosexual families

News flash: The quality of life of 17-year-old reared by two moms is the same as one raised by a mother and father. This is according to a new study published in a medical journal that polled children of lesbian mothers about their feelings on everything from fitting in to feeling secure at home.

“Consistently, over the past three decades, researchers have found that the daughters and sons of same-sex parents are psychologically well-adjusted. And now our new data demonstrates that 17-year-olds raised from birth by lesbian mothers are as happy as their peers,” says lead author Loes van Gelderen.

The study also found that among these teens with lesbian moms, there’s no difference in quality of life based on donor status (whether they had been conceived by known or unknown donors), in whether or not they had experienced discrimination, or even whether the parents stayed together or separated.

“The favorable outcomes for these adolescents are a reflection of good parenting by mothers who prepared their daughters and sons for the prospect of adversity,” explains Nanette Gartrell of the Williams Institute.

None of this is surprising to us, of course, but as more politicians pervert the idea that non-traditional families are somehow dangerous to kids – this study is a breath of fresh air, showing that good parenting is just that – good parenting regardless of sexual orientation.

To make it fair, the kids in this study were matched in all ways with heterosexual peers of the same age, education and background. And they were able to rank statements like, “I feel I’m getting along with my parents/guardians,” “I look forward to the future,” and ”I feel good about myself.”

The adolescents with lesbian mothers responded generally in the same way as the teenagers with heterosexual parents. Because as any parents knows – a teenager is a teenager. Pimples and all.

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