What Girls Say to Gay Guys

The phenomenon continues

Gay men-straight women relationships have always been – rich. Though the gals sometimes get pinned with not-so-nice names, there are a few descriptions that we actually like: fruit fly, Goldilocks, flame dame, fairy godmother.

In a way, Doris Day fits the bill in all of those Rock Hudson movies. Margaret Cho has used the pairing in much of her stand up (“We went to the prom with you!”). There’s even a reality show about it – for better or worse (Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys). And every year, a new queen is crowned at the Miss Fag Hag Pageant in New York City.

But we think this video – part of the Sh*t People Say phenomenon – captures some of the more ridiculous moments all too well. What do you think, guys? Remind you of anyone?

Check it out: