An Update on the Post-Winter Classic Fight at Geno’s

After Monday’s Winter Classic, a video was picked up by Philly sports blogs and then the local news outlets. The video showed a small skirmish between a bunch of guys who clearly missed the message from the end of Green Street Hooligans. Things quickly escalated when a Flyers fan threw a nasty sucker punch that knocked a Rangers fan out cold. As it turns out, that man was an off-duty police officer from New Jersey. He had to get 15 stitches to repair his cuts. Also, a guy went onto the Broad Street Hockey Facebook page and confessed to throwing the knockout punch. The problem though is that it turns out he was confessing as a joke. Police are planning to talk to him today. [Crossing Broad]

UPDATE: So, the off-duty police officer that was sucker punched during the fight is also an Iraq War veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. [Crossing Broad]