Lenny Dykstra to Box Jose Canseco

Earlier today Joey Buttafuoco went on the Howard Stern Show and said that celebudad, and frequent guest at Tampa-area correctional facilities, Michael Lohan was forced to bow out of a celebrity (apparently we’re just throwing that term around these days) boxing match with former Major Leaguer and noted snitch Jose Canseco. The official announcement of the fight came a bit later and showed that it was actually Tareq Salahi (the “White House Party Crasher”) slated for the fight. That’s a moot point, though, because former Phillie Lenny Dykstra found a way to finagle his way into the ring to settle an old score with Canseco. The Dude and Jose Canseco will square off this Saturday in what will surely be the fight of the century. Calling. PPV. Now. [The 700 Level]