Student Beaten in Classroom for Being Gay

A mother says her son was the target of a violent assault because of his sexuality

“It’s my son – and they did it because he’s homosexual.”

That’s what the mother of a 15-year-old Ohio student said after her son was viciously beaten by a fellow classmate – in a classroom. No one stepped in to stop the beating – not a teacher and not any other student. And now, the victim suffers from a concussion and has a chipped tooth. And the student who beat him? He was suspended from school for all of three days.

“I waited for somebody,” says the injured 15-year-old, who also received homophobic threats on Facebook from the attacker a few days earlier. “I covered myself, I shielded my body and he just kept hitting me and nobody did anything.”

The video footage is hard to watch, but it’s a reminder of what so many LGBT students go through at schools around the country. Please consider speaking out to your local school about preventing anti-gay bullying. The more people who speak out – both gay and straight – the better chances a student like this young man have of not being subject to violence in his own classroom.

This sort of behavior should never be tolerated. And the students who perpetuate this violence have no place in the classroom.