Philly’s First for Culture

Travel + Leisure readers like us, they really like us

Finally Philly catches a break. While our city usually ends up on all of the worst, ugly, scary and fat lists, for the first time readers of Travel + Leisure magazine ranked Philadelphia number one in the nation for culture in the “Americans’ Favorite Cities” survey. Philadelphia beat out not only New York City (second), but also Washington D.C. (third) and Chicago (fifth) in the overall rankings of cultural vitality.

The city’s also number one for “Historical Sites” and “Monuments,” and is in second place for “Classical Music.” We also get a nod for having good street food, hamburgers and being, as they say, “Sports Crazed.”

“It’s great that readers of Travel + Leisure magazine ranked Philadelphia as first in the nation for culture. What’s exciting about this survey is that visitors are beginning to learn what our residents already know, that Philly is world-class destination for theater, music, museums and all kinds of cultural activities,” says Tom Kaiden, president of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

We also like to think the city’s bold LGBT tourism campaigns have had something to do with diversifying the way people view this town.

Click here to read the survey.