Anti-Gay Group is Exposed

Did the National Organization for Marriage really doctor a photo?

What do you do when only a smattering of supporters show up for your anti-gay hate fest? Doctor the photo, of course. TV host Rachel Maddow recently exposed the National Organization for Marriage, a group that’s in favor of repealing same-sex marriage rights in New Hampshire, for creating a crowd that wasn’t actually there.

Instead, a photo taken at a recent rally in opposition to marriage equality in New Hampshire used a separate crowd photo – not from the rally – but from a speech that President-to-be Barack Obama gave in Columbus, Ohio, before the 2008 election. Imagine showing up to a speech by Obama only to be Photoshopped into a photo against gay rights thousands of miles away.

Maddow called out the group on her show after a blog first exposed the photo for being fake. If anything, we hope this proves how unscrupulous these hate mongers can be – and that they’ll do anything (even lie) to make their point. Because, let’s face it, if they actually had the support they claim to have – they certainly wouldn’t need to go this far.

Check it out:

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